DARSDALE-08-01-15- (186)At Darsdale residential care home in Northamptonshire we are passionate about providing the highest standards of care and expertise.

Our dedicated and friendly team of carers have expertise, knowledge and training in caring for elderly people with a range of personal needs, including specialist care for individuals experiencing sight loss, deafness or dual sensory loss and physical disabilities.

Whether you or a loved one are seeking respite care or are considering staying with us on a more permanent basis, you can take comfort in knowing that tailored care plans are drawn up for each resident. These reflect individual’s needs and preferences, making sure you feel happy and at home during your stay.

We have a team of housekeepers who keep the home clean and odour free. Laundry is attended to on the premises and residents can expect to have their clothes laundered and returned to their rooms within a few days.

Our catering team produce three nutritious meals a day and have been awarded a Gold Heartbeat Award by East Northamptonshire Council in recognition of their continued commitment to providing healthier food choices. Menus are planned around resident’s choices and change weekly on a four-week rota with several options to choose from.  We welcome family members to join us at mealtimes and special occasions, we only ask for a little notice in advance.

At Darsdale Home you can expect:
  • 24-hour care and support
  • Respite and residential care
  • Help in recovering from a short-term illness
  • Specialist care for people with sight or dual sensory loss
  • Highly qualified and attentive staff
  • Delicious and nutritious menus
  • Well presented, comfortable accommodation
  • A full activities programme

Please note that Darsdale does not provide Nursing Care.